The Natives

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Matt Gardan

Big Chief

Serial entrepreneur Matt is one of those humans who is constantly re-imagining the next opportunity. He’s currently working out how to fit Ethereum mining rigs under the office tables.

Sarah Cole

Second Chief

Production Lead, Sarah is the ‘How do we make this happen’ part of the team. With a love for strategy and workshops Sarah is all about the bigger human impact of digital on business and brand.

Scott Swabey

Lead Developer

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Full sites built in Flash™. I watched web browsers rise and fall in the great browser wars. All those moments will be lost in time, like blinking marquee banners. Time to code.

Emily Mason

Social Media Shaman & Office Angel

Earnest C.

Default Senior Designer


Resident Dog

Jasmine Elias

Social/Content Guru

Jasmine is our content and social guru. She scours the web for great brand activations for us to crush and expand on.

Mairead Ross

Research Sorceress


Senior Animator