The Natives

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Matt Gardan

Big Chief

Serial entrepreneur Matt is one of those humans who is constantly re-imagining the next opportunity. He’s currently working out how to fit Ethereum mining rigs under the office tables.

Becky Honey

Sabertooth Cub Herder

All successful herds need a guiding hand, with the ability to walk the fine line between encouragement and ball-busting. Becky ensures the cubs don’t stray too far from their cave, managing each project with a watchful eye. But her growl is more of a purr…

Michael Montuoro

Good Vibes Shaman

Sarah Cole

Campfire Chaperone

Legendary strategic storyteller, Sarah weaves her magic for our workshops and roadmap sessions. She leads the brand song sing-along around the digital fireplace, and guides us to consider the wider impact of digital on society.

Scott Swabey

Lead Developer

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Full sites built in Flash™. I watched web browsers rise and fall in the great browser wars. All those moments will be lost in time, like blinking marquee banners. Time to code.

Stephanie Vachon

Pedantic Dealer

When she’s not creating something cool (and pedantic), our resident Poker Shark loves the strategy, psychology and challenges associated with the game. Should we Canadian-ify that? Poker Bear? Either way, don’t poke this bear when she’s feeding. Have you seen the size of those fangs!?

Nicki Murray

UX/UI Design Guru

Niki is in her elemnt when it comes to designing graphic user interface elements, building page navigation buttons and search fields, developing UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look like and much much more.

Sebastian Groundstroem

Junior Gatherer

Fresh-faced cave painter looking to become a cave builder. Helping out where needed, Seb is focused on the early stages of a new build, making sure the foundations are solid before opening the doors.

Katy Osmond

Cave Painter

Katy has her RGB and Hex codes ready to paint the digital cave wall and whip up a logo that looks so good you could sink your teeth into. Her creative spark is known to set even the dullest brand on fire.

Earnest C.

Wandering Firestarter

Our resident Hotel California guest, he can never leave. When he’s not working on his cool fashion label, Earnest wanders by to help us with additional digital design firepower. His creative spark is known to set even the dullest brands on fire.


Head of HR

Like all clans, we have some strange and mythical beliefs. One of them is we never want a HR department, Tommy is here to piss on anyone who suggests we need one.