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Unearthing human stories at the heart of an iconic Australian corporation.

social media campaigns

The most successful social campaign

For the centenary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli we told the story of bank employees who enlisted in the great war. Westpac is one of a handful of companies who could legitimately talk about this period in time. We scoured archives and worked with other agencies to create a touching and inclusive event in the Westpac foyers on Anzac day.

The result was the bank’s most successful social media campaign to date, with nearly 350,000 views, 80%+ positive sentiment and thousands of spontaneous comments from the community. “Our ANZAC Story” really demonstrated the power storytelling can have in social.

a timeless icon

A digital adoption campaign 100 years in the making.

Mr Dreverman is certainly one in a hundred. Our hero for the Westpac digital adoption campaign we endeavoured to capture the charm and warmth of a man who has spent a lifetime embracing change. at 100 years old Arthur Dreverman confidently banks online with mulitple accounts and stocks. A production to remember the Mr Dreverman content was a Westpac wide hit, being repurposed into multiple content installations.