Creating a meaningful Brand

Our brief was to build a brand that demonstrated the human impact of harnessing technology for good.


Concept to Collateral

The eMin logo is multi layered, with a hand shape that in spells the letters e-M-i-n. The brand needed to be human, yet corporate. A symbol that was recognisable. We also took into account that the eMin project was the result of a partnership between its two parent companies -Diginex & The Mekong Club

We designed a suite of collateral to showcase the eMin brand, supporting their mission to rid the world of slavery. 

A UI tool kit, colours and typography were developed to create a consistent brand palette across multiple screen sizes.

We worked with the eMin team to define the brand values that inform their work everyday.

Using a clean UI and intuitive screen flows we made the technical story of eMin simple and understandable.