helping define a global business

Strategy, Website and Content for a global business with a house of brands across the UK, US, AU & NZ.

user experience & interface design

Using localisation to streamline a global footprint.

Ausin has strengths in the Chinese and Australian markets and is lesser known in the UK and US. As they move into these fresher markets they had the opportunity to leverage their success in Australasia. We prototyped a localisation solution that served content based on a users IP address to create efficiencies of content and create a centralised dashboard for global brand consistency.

House of brands

Defining the hierarchy of the Ausin business offering.

As a global Real Estate provider Ausin has a house of brands that extends past property into Taxation, Immigration,  Wealth Management, Accounting & Real Estate. We looked into the full hierarchy of their business and brands in order to understand the best way to showcase this hierarchy across their global digital presence.